Comment policy

I welcome and appreciate your comments here at The Productive Workplace Blog.

To maintain this site as a place where everyone feels welcome to comment, I reserve the right to delete any comment that includes an attack on another commenter. It’s annoying, it discourages others from commenting, and it drowns out more substantive comments.

I may decide to delete any comment that contains:

  • Personal attacks or abusive, hateful, comments aimed at other commenters, even if the comment contains other substantive material
  • Slander or offensive, or racist language or material
  • Identical, repetitive comments posted on multiple articles
  • Excessively long comments or an excessive number of comments on a given post
  • Comments complaining about being deleted for attacking another commenter by screaming “Censorship!” and spreading conspiracy theories about mass “censorship”
  • Comments from anyone found using multiple aliases under multiple e-mail addresses from the same person in a deceptive manner

Any commenter who ignores these policies repeatedly may be banned permanently and without notice. If this doesn’t work, I’ll require account logins with working email addresses.

If you see an abusive comment that isn’t deleted, it probably just means I haven’t seen it yet as I do not pre-moderate comments.


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